The Vision

Everything you will find on this site is centred around the following vision, motivation and aims…

We live in a wonderful world
______Overflowing with possibility

To be alive is an inherently enjoyable experience
______Though it doesn’t always feel that way
______And though there is great suffering all over the world

Our lives are already going much better than we often feel like they are
______With inner work, we can learn to enjoy the lives we already have much
________________________________________________ ______more

And our lives can get a whole lot better still
______There is a huge amount we can go on from this point to achieve
______And enormous potential waiting inside each one of us to be realised

We are not alone
______Though it often feels like it

There is nothing inherently wrong with us
______Though this thought hides inside us

People have needs
______Though we are often not aware of what they are

People need much more support than they usually get
______Because everyone has their own inner challenges to deal with
______So there is rarely someone fully ‘there’ for us, for extended and regular
________________________________________________periods of time

Finding real support, someone focused entirely on our wellbeing is rare and

My goal is to not only provide this support
______But also to empower people to understand and support themselves
__________________________________________and one another
______Towards a more fulfilling life

This society is made up of individuals
______ The most profound way to change society is to change ourselves
______The stone may be small, but the ripples span the whole pond”

Greater and greater fulfilment and happiness are available for us
______Both personally and collectively

Let us follow our brightest thoughts to the sea of life
______And sail them there into the sun and the breeze
______And see this world transform before our eyes

May all beings be well, happy and find peace