About Me

I am a professional life coach, workshop facilitator, and advocate for positive social change.

My sense of purpose in life is driven by the strong desire to affect positive transformation in the world for individuals and society.

I believe that authentic internal change is the key to both personal empowerment and positive change in the world.

Over a decade ago I underwent a period of deep personal crisis and subsequent re-emergence, which has been one of the most important and transformational experiences in my life.

Since this time I have studied and practised a wide variety of philosophies, techniques and systems of self development, psychology and spirituality, including concepts from life coaching, counselling, peak states, non-violent communication, and various world spiritual traditions (e.g. buddhism, yoga, shamanism, taoism, martial arts, kabbalah), alongside Western concepts of psychology, wellbeing and mental health, and more besides.

I have run businesses, worked in the charity and public sectors, and run large scale projects and programmes.

As well as my degree, I hold qualifications/trainings in Life Coaching, Learning and Development, Re-evaluation Co-counselling, Non-Violent Communication, Project Management, Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Intervention and much more. I truly believe that from a weaving together of the many teachings of the numerous schools of philosophy, psychology, spirituality and self-development, true personal and collective progress are possible.

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