Coaching Services

Personal Coaching

  • Would you value some undivided attention from a trained professional coach in getting some perspective and support for what is going on in your life?
  • Whether you think you could benefit from someone to talk things through with, explore current or recurring emotional or relationship issues with, or if you would like to focus on making plans for your future; clarifying and achieving personal goals, and more, I am here to help!
  • Although most of us have support in our lives in one form or another, the opportunity to talk deeply about the issues of your life with someone’s uninterrupted and undivided attention is often rare. With a professional coach, the benefit is heightened by the training they have undertaken and the skills they have acquired for supporting you to go exactly where you want to go!
  • My wide range of trainings and experience is pretty unique and I have lots to draw on in helping you, wherever you are at.
  • £55 per hour


  • Deeply exploring who you are, what gets your juices flowing, what you want and how to get there.
  • Group and partner exercises, combined with individual activities to give you the significant benefits of the energy and support of a group, focused specifically towards your own needs.
  • Highly experiential and interactive
  • Check out the Events page for info on upcoming events

Other Services

I can also offering the following services on request:
*Business & project consultancy, workshops and trainings *Public and event speaking *Workshops on specific subjects (e.g. world spiritual traditions, confidence & motivation, life organisation) *Meditation teaching *Conflict resolution (eg. Couples, family relationships, business partners or work colleagues, etc)

To enquire about any of my services, or to sign up for my newsletter email updates, please do contact me.

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