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My intention with all Power of Perspective coaching services is to support my clients to live the biggest, most fulfilling lives possible.

My belief is that, in the modern world perhaps more than ever, we all need more time and support that we generally get to contemplate the dynamics of our current lives, set our direction for where we want to go, and plan how we are going to get there.

My journey has been one of eclecticism, that is, learning from many different angles without attachment to one.
As the old saying goes, there are many paths, yet one mountain.
My practice aims at reconciling the numerous different techniques and perspectives which I have been fortunate enough to come across into flexible intelligence in the present moment, applied to supporting your most vibrant wellbeing.

If you feel drawn to make contact me and find out if I can support you in a way that enriches you and accelerates your life progress, I hope that nothing gets in the way of your impulse to do so.

Wishing one and all fulfilment, progress and happiness

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